*  Licensed Holistic Practitioner

*  Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist &

    Registered Reflexology Practitioner

*  Yoga Teacher

*  Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner 

*  Reiki Master Teacher
*  Certified Indian Head Massage Practitioner

Some of her other studies include:


Ear Candling Practitioner

Metamorphic Technique 


Color and Sound Therapy

Bach Flower Remedies

Energy Healing

Rasamayi Victori, RCRT, RRPr, CAP

Rasamayi is a life long student, teacher and practitioner of Yoga, Ayurveda and a variety of holistic therapies. Since childhood she has been fascinated with the body`s natural healing ability.  She studied Touch For Health in 1986 and took her first Reiki certification course in 1990.  Deeply committed to helping others she went on to study a variety of other healing modalities. With over 20 years experience Rasamayi has helped clients of all ages with all types of conditions including stress, insomnia, headaches, lupus, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, PMS and cancer.

Rasamayi  is also an animal lover and has worked with a number of different animals. She has offered holistic therapies and taught a wide variety of Yoga classes, Reiki certification courses, workshops and seminars in Canada and the US.

Rasamayi began attending a variety of different styles of Yoga and Meditation classes in the 1980s.  But it wasn`t until she met her Yoga Teacher in the 90s that she became deeply committed to the practice of Yoga and Meditation.  Rasamayi began teaching Yoga in 1999 after completing her Classic Hatha Yoga Instructor Training.  Her love of Yoga and passion for helping others continued to evolve and she expanded her teachings to include:  Chair Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, Light Yoga, Mother & Baby Yoga, Wheelchair Yoga, and Hot Yoga.  She has taught may specialty classes including working with sports teams and running clubs.

Rasamayi became interested in  Ayurvedic medicine - the sister science of Yoga when she first began teaching Yoga.  In early 2000 she began attending classes and learning some basic Ayurvedic therapies.  Later she began to Study Ayurveda more in depth giving her a deeper insight into all aspects of Ayurveda, Yoga and wellness.