Reiki is just as effective from a distance.  Contact is not necessary.

Reiki uses the universal life force energy that flows through every living being.  It can be sent to anyone, anywhere at any time, although permission should be invoked or received. 

Reiki distance sessions are suitable for clients at home, in hospitals, long term care centers or anywhere in the world.  Setting up a mutual time is beneficial but not necessary. 

Reiki distance healing can benefit yourself, your friends and loved ones, and your pets.

Pets and animals love Reiki.   Whether it be a contact session or distance healing they seem to sense that someone is helping them. 

Animals benefit in much the same way as people.

They usually become relaxed and calm during a Reiki session.

A wonderful example of how animals feel the Reiki energy is when I was offering Reiki to a Rottweiler named Katja in New Mexico.  Katja had a large cancerous tumour.  As the Reiki energy was flowing through my hands she would position herself underneath my hands right where the tumour was.  She would look at me, lick my hand and then re-position herself all on her own.  Katja knew exactly what she needed.  Although Katja did eventually pass on she was surrounded in love and support throughout her journey.

Reiki can help your pet to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Distance Reiki

Reiki for Animals