Facial Reflexology - Zone Therapy

Benefits may include:

* Provides deep relaxation

* Increases energy and improves circulation and vitality

* Gives natural glow to the entire face

* Stimulates mental clarity

* Helps to eliminate toxins, trauma and stress from the body

* Firms muscles in the face, neck and throat

* Reduces puffiness

* Boosts the immune system

Facial Reflexology uses acupressure and massage to stimulate nerve endings and zones that balance the body`s (chi/prana) energy.  It uses a precise set of techniques for facial dermatological enhancement, maintenance and reversing the aging process.  The circulation of the blood and lymph fluid to the face and head are improved, resulting in glowing complexion and enhanced well-being.  Facial Reflexology - Zone Therapy was designed by Joseph Corvo, a British Reflexologist whose clients included Barbara Cartland, Sarah Ferguson the former Duchess of York,  and the late Princess Diana.   Some of the finest spas in the world offer it as a exclusive facial.