Benefits may include:

* Calms the nervous system

* Promotes sounder sleep

* nourish and strengthen the hair shaft

* improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain

* relieve stress, tiredness and depression within the mind
* create alertness and improve memory

* balance pituitary and pineal gland

* increase the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid

* revitalize and uplift the spirit

Indian Scalp & Face Massage

Scalp & Hair

Pre-cautions and Contra-Indications:
Any recent head or neck injury, whip lash, concussion, epilepsy, recent hemorrhage, head lice, infectious skin disorders, any infectious disease, intoxication, cuts and abrasions in the treatment areas, fevers...

Indian head massage is an ancient treatment which originated in India over 5,000 years ago.  In Ayurveda, "The Mother of Healing" system of healing, the head is the most important part of the body as it is considered to be the seat of the nervous system.  It has been mentioned that massaging just your feet, face and ears is equivalent to massaging your whole being.

Scalp & Hair - The First Treatment

In the indian scalp massage the client remains dressed and seated on a chair.   Oil is gently warmed, applied to the scalp and then massaged through out the scalp and hair.  The massage techniques may be very soothing or more vigorous.  The oils traditionally used are sesame or coconut oils.  Various herbs or essential oils may be added depending on the person.  Gentle pressure is used to stimulate energy points called marma points.  When lightly touched these points calm the mind, balance the nervous system and stimulate their respective organs.

It is recommended to leave the oils in a minimum of 2 hours but preferably overnight for the full benefits.

The Face - The Second Treatment

In the indian face massage the client is lying on a massage table fully dressed.  A few drops of essential oils are applied on the therapists fingertips.  The hands are rubbed together and gentle massage techniques and marma stimulation are then sequentially applied. The techniques are done slowly and gently to deeply relax and soothe the client.