Transformational Experience

A Gentle Foot Therapy

Essential  Oils have been used since ancient times to assist the body with healing and realignment.  The Greeks and Egyptians, for example, used carefully blended essential oils to anoint their bodies to enhance strength and awareness in many of their ritual practices.

The Transformational Experience has been designed to assist you in realizing your highest potential.  Carefully selected essential oils of the highest quality (Young Living Essential Oils) are applied to specific points on the feet.  The treatment is 60 or 90 minutes long and consists of 3 parts.

The therapy begins with a wonderful foot soak in warm water.  Gentle massaging is done on the feet and ankles while the foot is soaking which is deeply relaxing and soothing.  After the feet are dried, a unique blend of oils  is applied to specific points to strengthen and realign the spinal column, encouraging the upward flow of the vital life force energy.  This is followed by `Metamorphic Reflexology`. "Vitaflex" and massage techniques.  More essential oils are used in combination with gentle stimulation of the prenatal reflex points on the feet  encouraging the release of old negative emotional patterns that inhibit personal growth.  Additional oils suited especially to you may be used.

This wonderful treatment is completed with a gentle massaging of the arches, center points of the feet, focusing on balancing the entire nervous system.